BSOD when upgrading from 5.2.0 to 5.2.6

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Incompatibility with Vormetric CoreGuard results in BSOD when attempting to upgrade from SCSP 5.2.0 to SCSP 5.2.6




We have a compatibility problem with the Vormetric product.
This product installs a file system minifilter, vmfiltr.sys, that issues a NtOpen.
The IPS driver sees a NtOpen which it forwards to the system.
The SCSP minifilter sees the open and makes the call that gets the full file name.
This filter manager call sends a file open to the file system. The Vormetric filter sees this call
and makes a NtOpen call. This process repeats until the stack overflows.
We think that this problem will show up on any system where we have our
minifilter installed and the Vormetric product is installed. Engineering initially thought
that it would only affect 32 bit W2K3 and XP that has both IPS and IDS installed
but we now think that any system that has our minifilter will have the problem.


As of 10/27/2010 removal of the Vormetric Product resolves the issue.
Fix is being worked on. Should be included in next release.

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