How to move or rename a Windows file server that is archived by Enterprise Vault (EV) to a different domain

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Where a Windows file server which is being archived by EV needs to be renamed or needs to be moved to a different Active Directory Domain, what changes are needed in EV so that there is no impact on archives and placeholders for the file server?

A Windows File Server is configured as an archiving target in EV. If the file server needs to be renamed or if it needs to be moved to another domain, changes will be required within EV to allow archiving and placeholder access to continue.
1.      Windows file server is renamed to
2.      Windows file server ( is moved from one domain ( to another ( to become (



Microsoft -> Windows File Server (supported versions)



Once the file server has been renamed or moved to the new domain, those changes need to be reflected in the EnterpriseVaultDirectory database.    

1. Stop all EV Services on all EV servers.
2. Perform a backup of the EnterpriseVaultDirectory database (in case of issues a backup is required to restore to a previous good state)
3. Change values for the following columns in respective tables in the Directory Database:

Old Value (example)
New Value (example)
Directory DB
Directory DB
Directory DB

Note: There may be more than one reference to the old file server in the ArchiveFolder table. All references to the old file server name need to be modified to that of the new file server.
4. Start all EV Services on all EV servers.
5. Open EV Administration Console (VAC)
6. Run the File System Archiving synchronization task:
                Site > Enterprise Vault Servers > Tasks > File System Archiving Task > Properties > Synchronization > Synchronize
7. If Reporting is enabled, follow the following steps
  7.1 In the VAC, right-click on the file server target and select properties. Then click on Reporting Data Collection tab.
  7.2 Check Enable data collection for FSA Reporting
  7.3 Select database for reporting
  7.4 Run the reporting scan
  Note: Any old trending data for Trending Reports will still be recorded against the old file server name. 
Note: If the file server domain name is changed (example: to and FSAUtility commands need to be run, please specify the FQDN of the file server (


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