The EvtQueue and EvtQFast folders are full of .tmp files - They process slowly

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The evtqueue and evtqfast folders are full of .tmp files. They process slowly, and never catch up despite adjusting what events are sent to the Server.


Notification Server 6.0, Anti-virus Software


This could possibly be caused by the anti-virus software installed on the server. The AV software is locking and scanning each .tmp file that is appearing in the queue folders and is therefore slowing everything down to a halt. This in turn leads to further complications with NS.


There are a couple of options here.
  1. Uninstall the virus software - not a very good one, but in a pinch, this will.
  2. Create an exclusion list - Some of the more popular AV software, like Norton or McAfee, allow you to create an exclusion list to exclude the queue folders and the files within them. You'll want to make sure that this NAV or McAfee is not being managed by a virus server. If so, the exclusion list will get over-written by the virus server. This would require you to make the install of the AV software be unmanaged.

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