Placeholder creation on Windows Server 2008 and later versions can produce 41168 validation errors

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Placeholder creation on Windows Server 2008 and later versions can produce 41168 validation errors


A DTrace of the EvFsaArchivingTask will show:

{FILESYSTEMITEMPROCESSOR.EN_US} Placeholder validation failed for \\ServerName\FolderPath\Filename

Event ID: 41168 Validation for placeholder \\ServerName\FolderPath\Filename  failed.  |Reason: File is not a placeholder.

After an item that has previously been  archived and changed into a Placeholder is recalled, when the FSA Archiving task scans this item again it will change it back into a Placeholder.  However the Placeholder validation will fail and a 41168 event will be written to the event log for each file.

As a workaround it is possible to disable Placeholder validation, however this will disable validation for the initial creation as well as the recreation.  To disable Placeholder validation create the following registry DWord with a value of 1 on the Enterprise Vault server:  



Once the above DWord value is set restart the Enterprise Vault Admin Service. 


This has been addressed in the following release:

Enterprise Vault 10.0 - Release Details

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Warning message is logged in the eventvwr on re-archiving files.

SourceEvent ID

Validation for placeholder \\ServerName\FolderPath\Filename failed.

Reason: File is not a placeholder.

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