KNOWN ISSUE: Package Servers storing packages in C:\Windows\System32

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[Package Servers storing packages in C:\Windows\System32]
package server is saving packages from Patch management to a system32 folder
only about 5 package servers show this symptom out of more than 20
agent installation is done using this command line:
 command we use to perform pull installations of the Altiris Agent to drives other than the C:\ follows:
"\\NSNAME\nscap\Bin\Win32\X86\NS Client Package\AeXNSC.exe" -s -a ns=NSNAME nsweb=http://NSNAME/Altiris path="D:\Apps\Altiris" NOSTARTMENU /s


NS 6 SP3 R13
SMP 7.1 SP2 MP1


Known issue. The root cause seems to be in the PackageServer code where the snapshot files have a relative path instead of a full path. 


This issue has been reported to the Symantec Development team. This issue is not longer present with the SMP 7.5 Release. As well this issue has been addressed in the ITMS 7.1 SP2 MP1 Rollup v10 (See HOWTO81832 under ID 3442471)

A pointfix has been provided for this issue.

  • For customers with NS 6.0 SP3 R13:
    A new AeXPackageDelivery dll has been provided. See attachment. The attached Dll will check the path in the snapshot file and prepend the default working directory if it is a relative path.  Just replace the Dll with this new one and register it.
  • For customers with NS 6.0 SP3 R14:
    Use the pointfix attached as "".
  • For customers with SMP 7.1 SP2 MP1 with no Rollups:
    See the attached "Pointfix_eTrack3519560_7.1 SP2"

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