How to add a and configure a Unix agentless host in Control Compliance Suite data collection

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Need to add a Unix agentless host to the RMS console


Host does not appear in console


Open RMS Data Collection Console as admin

Select > bv-Control for UNIX

right click > select configure from drop down menu

The bv-Control for UNIX  configuration Wizard will launch

Select > next

Select Agentless registration > next

enter the ip address or machine name and select the Add radio button > next

Select the appropriate credential Database to add the Unix host credentials > next

In the left panel named Resource Object;

Expand Servers without Credentials >Agentless Servers

Select the host or ip address then >> to move host to the credentials panel > next

Enter the username and password for native login


add the username and password in the su Credentials if sudo is being used. (no need to add native credentials above when using this option) 

Verify the user-credentials are correct > next  >next

Verify that the host was sucessfully registered and validated. >next >finished

Select bv-Control for Unix > right click > refresh

Verify that the host is visable in the bv-Control for Unix snapin 





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