Monitor Solution overview

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Is there a Monitor Solution overview?


Monitor Solution Overview


The following is a high-level overview of the components involved in setting up Monitor Solution. This shows the relationship between a metric and a rule. This document presupposes that the Monitor agent has been installed on the desired client computers. The basic steps are to:


  1. Create or identify a metric.
  2. Create/edit a monitor pack.
  3. Create/edit a category.
  4. Create/edit a rule.
  5. Create/edit a rule definition and select the desired metric.
  6. Setup the desired action.
  7. Open resource manager for the desired client(s) and monitor the results.

The following items are found on the NS console’s Tasks tab, under Monitoring then Monitor Solution.


v     Manage Metrics

Ø      Metric type, Name, GUID, Polling interval, Input file, Timeout, Command line, Parse lines, Search pattern, Instance column, Return value column, Data type


v     Manage Monitor Packs

Ø      Monitor Pack Configuration

·        General

·        Name

·        Collection

·        Detection methods

§         Categories  (multiple per monitor pack)

·        Category Configuration

¨      Enabled

¨      Name

¨      Detection method

¨      Rules  (multiple per category configuration)

Ø      Rule Configuration

§         General

·        Enable

·        Name

·        Type

·        Timed value

·        Definition (rule metrics – multiple per rule configuration)

¨      Metric type

¨      Metric – selection list

¨      Polling interval

¨      Condition, value type and value

§         Action

·        Display state

·        Reset state

·        Actions

¨      Options vary by action type

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