Using RTSM's AMT IDE Redirect for ISO images fails

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When going into the Resource Manager for an AMT/vPro enabled computer, to Real-Time Systems Manager > Management Operations > Manage Power State and Redirection, under the "Redirection options" menu, it's possible to configure a computer to redirect to an ISO image for remote booting.  However, when the redirect is attempted, the operation fails with a red error message explaining it could not be completed.


Symantec Management Platform 7.0 SP5
Real-Time System Manager
Out of Band Management Solution 7.0 SP3


Using trace/Debug information (HOWTO9669, HOWTO7198), the Debug logs for RTSM/RTCI show the following:

Starting redirection from C:\Program Files\Altiris\RTSM\UIData\floppy.img/D:\Boot\bootcd.iso

The problem is, the first path specified does not exist.  The UIData folder is actually found under the RTSM\Web subfolder.


Go into the "Program Files\Altiris\RTSM\Web" folder and copy the UIData folder from Web, back to RTSM.  No restart of services is needed, but the next time an ISO redirect is attempted, the file will be found in the proper location, and the redirect will work.

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