Enabling access to archived public folder items in a cross-domain environment

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This document relates to public folder archiving in the following multiple domain configuration:

  • User accounts in one domain access mailboxes in a different domain by means of linked mailboxes.
  • A one-way cross domain trust exists, such that the mailbox domain trusts the user domain.
  • Public folder access is managed using group membership, and the groups are created in the mailbox domain, not in the user account domain.



To enable users to access archived public folder items, you need to configure the following registry setting on the Enterprise Vault server:

    \Enterprise Vault

Give the setting a value of '1'.

The Enterprise Vault Auth Server then generates, a list of SIDs for the mailbox and user forests, and uses this combined list to complete permission checks. Enterprise Vault caches this list of SIDs.

If necessary, the SID cache can be managed using advanced registry settings. Contact Symantec Support for details.

Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH146392

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