Host keyboard or keypad does not work correctly during connection or after remote disconnects

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A pcAnywhere remote is connected to or has just disconnected from a pcAnywhere host. When a user at the host computer types on the keyboard or numeric keypad, strange characters appear, or certain keys are inactive. This usually occurs when the host computer is a laptop but has been seen in other non-standard and programmable keyboards.



Laptop computers - often do not have a standard IBM 101-key keyboard and use the Num Lock key to generate keys that are not physically present.

Any other keyboard that does not use IBM 101-key standard keyboard mapping.



This is caused by an incompatibility between the host's and remote's keyboards and not an issue with pcAnywhere.


When a pcAnywhere host and remote connect, they synchronize the state of the Num Lock, Scroll Lock and Caps Lock keys between the two computers.

Press the Num Lock key on the host computer.

This can also resolve a situation where the remote and host keyboard function doesn't autosync upon connection.  Pressing the Num Lock on the remote will force pcAnywhere to resync the host and remote keyboards so that key presses from the remote should now function correctly on the host.


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