PureDisk: Restored folder gets named with wrong symbols if it contains special characters in the folder name.

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Backup some files, then restore to another folder that has special characters in the folder name.
 E.g.  French grave, accent,  or German umlaut viz:  {  Gépek eszközök  }

In the Restore Wizard, the 4th screen, selecting the  'Destination Folder'  displays characters
correctly.  However, the 6th and final screen, 'Restore Job Summary'  has incorrectly converted
the special characters to different symbols  E.g.  copyright sign,  or carriage-return symbol
viz:  { Gépek eszközök }

When launched the restore is successful, but the restored folder gets named with the wrong symbols.
 E.g.   You get  D:\Restore\Gépek eszközök\    instead of   D:\Restore\Gépek eszközök\





 Etrack 2043474
( NB_PDE_6.6.0.3_EEB25-restore_folder_with_special_char.tar )

The fix is scheduled to be included in the PureDisk update.


Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH147298

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