Upgrade fails on UpgradeFileLanguages, UpgradeFileTimes, UpgradeFormatedStrings, or UpgradeFileHashes tasks for WPS version

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The WPS 7.0 upgrade runs continuously when completing one of the following tasks: 
  • UpgradeFileLanguages
  • UpgradeFileTimes
  • UpgradeFormatedStrings
  • UpgradeFileHashes


Upgrade to WPS 7.0 for environment.


During the WPS 7.0 upgrade, one of the Msiimporter.exe tasks (UpgradeFileLanguages, UpgradeFileTimes, UpgradeFormatedStrings, UpgradeFileHashes) may continuously run and never complete causing the WPS upgrade to never progress and complete.


When running the WPS 7.0 installation some upgrades will fail on an Upgrade task. This has been fixed in Wise Package Studio 7 SP1.

A hotfix was originally created for this issue and is still available at the site below.  If you choose to not pick up the Service Pack, but would still like the hotfix for this issue, follow these instructions:

When running the WPS 7.0 installation some upgrades will fail on an Upgrade task. This has been fixed in a hotfix attached to this article. 

Instructions: (Mid-Upgrade that is caught in loop)
Perform the following steps before installing the WPS_7_0_Hotfix_1.EXE:

  1. Open the Windows Task Manager and select the Processes tab.
  2. Browse through the list and Select the “Msiimporter.exe” and click the End Process button. Then click, Yes to confirm the process termination. 
  3. Open the Wise Repository Manager (Note: The Msiimporter.exe task that the Upgrade was stuck on, for example UpgradeFileLanaguages, will be marked as “Failed” because the process was terminated manually; however, there is no need for concern. The Task will be rerun after the WPS 7.0 Hotfix has been installed).
  4. Close the Wise Repository Manager.

WPS 7.0 Hotfix Installation and WPS Upgrade Instructions:

  1. Run the WPS_7_0_Hotfix_1.EXE.
  2. Once complete, launch the Wise Repository Manager.
  3. Click the “Upgrade” button located in the Tool Bar towards the top the Wise Repository Manager.
  4. The “Failed” Upgrade Task will be rerun and the WPS upgrade process will continue.

Instructions: (Pre-Upgrade)


WPS_7_0_Hotfix_1.EXE (648 kBytes)

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