MS Patch MS03-045 will cause active SHIFT key during a Carbon Copy remote control session

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After applying the Microsoft Security Patch (q824141), a Carbon Copy remote control session will exhibit the symptom of the SHIFT key being permanently active.


Microsoft Security Patch (q824141) and Carbon Copy


After applying the following Microsoft patch, a Carbon Copy remote control session will exhibit the symptom of the SHIFT key being permanently active:


Buffer Overrun in the ListBox and in the ComboBox Control Could Allow Code Execution (824141)
Issued: October 17, 2003
Version Number: 1.1

The problem occurs after a remote control session is established and at some point during the session any text typed in any application gives the appearance of the “shift key” being permanently active or pressed. In addition the mouse pointer will highlight multiple icons if the pointer is simply dragged across the desktop or folder contains icons. This problem is not Carbon Copy version specific.


The fix is simply one file, RCHOST.DLL and should be copied into the default Carbon Copy directory. We have a hotfix build of this file which will automatically stop the cc service, copy the file to the default CC directory and then start the cc service to effect this change. At present time, this hotfix is not properly stopping the cc service. Based on the customer severity of this issue, I have decided to post the single file required to the ftp site for customer download as opposed to wait for the hotfix template to be corrected. When this is corrected, I will post on the ftp site and send a subsequent email to this list.

It is important to note that the customer will need to stop the CC service, copy the RCHOST.DLL file to their default CC directory and restart the CC service for this to fully take effect. Again, this is to be done on the CC client systems were MS03-045 has been applied.

For large client node count environment, creating a package or a script and rolling out through Software Delivery would be the best option.

This DLL file is attached to this article in the form of a RAR file.


rchost.rar (451 kBytes)

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