Symantec Endpoint Protection for Macintosh Fails to Update from LUA 2.x Server after Upgrade to RU6 MP2

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When using the RU6 MP1 release of SEP for Mac, all clients successfully connected to an internal LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x server and retrieved the necessary content updates.  Since upgrading to RU6 MP2, the clients no longer update.  How can this be corrected so that the protection levels on RU6 MP2 SEP for Mac clients stay current without having to download from Internet LiveUpdate servers?


When successfully connecting to the LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x Distribution Center, the Mac client's LiveUpdate Summary displayed on screen lists the definitions version as "Latest" though the definition date is 04/10/2010.

The liveupdt.log merely contains:

Jan 5, 2011 9:46:27 AM The Java LiveUpdate session has completed successfully.
Jan 5, 2011 9:46:27 AM Return code = 0

Changing the LiveUpdate policy so that SEP for Mac clients download from the Internet will allow successful updates, but at the cost to network bandwidth of repeated large downloads.


The version of SEP for Macintosh definitions that LUA 2.x servers must download and distribute has changed. 


Changing the configuration of LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x can resolve this issue. 

  1. Log into the LUA 2.x server.
  2. Click Configure, then to the left, choose Update Symantec Product Catalog.  Allow this to complete.
  3. Click on Download & Distribute and select the task which downloads the SEP for Mac definitions.  Select this and click Edit.  Highlight the Symantec Endpoint Protection product and click Add.
  4. Expand and scroll down below Virus Definitions to where "Symantec Endpoint Protection for Mac Virus Defs" is selected.  Unselect this option (if all SEP for Mac clients have been upgraded to RU6 MP2)
  5. Select instead the "Symantec Endpoint Protection for Mac Virus Defs V2" listing.
  6. Save the changes by clicking Add, then OK.


Repeat this operation with the Distribution task that copies the definitions to clu-prod (or other Distribution Center used by the SEP for Mac clients).

Note that the initial download of  "Symantec Endpoint Protection for Mac Virus Defs V2" materials, as with all initial downloads, will be large.  "Symantec Endpoint Protection for Mac Virus Defs V2" should require an initial download of approximately 2.5 GB.


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