Video driver conflict with Intel Chipset 82845g integrated video card

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After rolling out the Carbon Copy Solution Agent or installing the Carbon Copy Stand-Alone Application, the system will blue screen and / or continuously reboot.


  • Carbon Copy Solution (all versions)
  • Carbon Copy Stand-Alone application (all versions)


This particular problem has occurred with a high degree frequency specific to the 5.8 Carbon Copy version release.  This version would by default rollout in synchronous remote control mode.  Synchronous remote control mode is enabled by the installation of Carbon Copy's remote control video drivers (ccvideo4.dll)  and video interceptor (ccdevice.sys).

These drivers are installed after the client rollout has occurred and a subsequent reboot.  During the reboot process, the drivers are installed and chain to the system video driver.  Video calls are passed through the system driver and through Carbon Copy's remote-control drivers.  Problems processing these video calls can result in reboot and/or blue screen symptoms.

Specific to the Carbon Copy 6.0 release, the default remote control mode is asynchronous.  Asynchronous remote control mode does not install any of Carbon Copy's remote control video drivers.  Remote control is done via interfacing with the Windows GDI.


If a customer indicates that after rolling out the Carbon Copy Solution their systems will reboot when attempting to login or blue screen when accessing display properties, then please ensure that the rollout has occurred in asynchronous mode.

If the user has upgraded to Carbon copy 6.x and not uninstalled Carbon Copy 5.8,  it may be beneficial to fully uninstall any reference to Carbon Copy (KB #17178) and then install the latest version of Carbon Copy Solution.  As mentioned, Carbon Copy 6.x defaults to asynchronous mode and should not cause any video driver conflicts. 

It should also be noted that the Carbon Copy 6.0 Stand-Alone (SA) application does not default to asynchronous mode when installed.  Similar video driver conflict problems will occur as with Carbon Copy Solution 5.8. 

If this issue is currently occurring in your environment, follow these steps:

  1. Disable "Enable synchronous remote control sessions" in the Carbon Copy Agent Settings on the Notification Server
  2. On each problematic machine, reboot in Safe Mode and run the following command from a command prompt:
    C:\Program Files\Altiris\Carbon Copy\syncmode.exe -d -r

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