FEATURE REQUEST: Software Delivery to use CRC or MD5 hash to verify local file is the same as the file on the package in the NS

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Altiris Notification Server built-in Software Delivery and the Software Delivery Solution mechanisms are currently verifying that local cache of a given Software Delivery package is compliant with the Server version using a snapshot. This snapshot records file and directory name, size and last modified date and is available from the Notification Server via the GetPackageInfo.aspx page.


However some logic have been added to this mechanism with the effect that if a file on the source package is changed for an older version the client will not download the new package, despite its presence in the new package snapshot.


Using a MD5 hash or CRC would avoid this problem and ensure that the file present on the client local cache is the same as the file on the server.


This enhancement request is currently being considered for Notification Server 7.x

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Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH14822

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