What is required in Control Compliance Suite to enable a user or group to view evaluation results.

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Users withing Control Compliance Suite that have a role and permissions to view assets and standards don't seem to be able to view the evaluation results of those standards on those assets.



Control Compliance Suite for Windows



Working as designed.



Evaluation results are viewed on an All or Nothing basis.  Currently in CCS there is no ability to grant the ability to view evaluation results and simultaneously limit a user from viewing results for assets that they do not have permissions to view (In Permissions Mangement).   Once rights to view a particular evaluation job results is granted, a user can view the results for all assets in that particular job run.  However to view ANY evaluation results for any job the user must first have the task called "View Evaluation Results" as part of any role they have been assigned to in CCS. 

Because of this design, CCS requires that the creator (or editor) of the evaluation job specify which users should be able to view the evaluation results on a job-by-job basis.  This secures the evaluation results by job definition rather than by user permissions to particular assets.


Here are the steps to add a User to view evaluation results:

In the Monitor job Window right click on an existing job that contains an evaluation.  Select - EDIT  and then NEXT until the Add Result Viewers dialogue window appears.  In this dialogue window add the user or group of users that should be allowed to view the evaluation results.

Note: If multiple users should be added, it would be best to have an Active Directory group that these users can be assigned to and then the group can be added to be viewers of the job.

Ensure that the user / users have the following tasks in the roles they are assigned to:

View Assets, View Evaluation Results


Article URL http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH148532

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