Description of PGP Options in PGP Desktop 9.x for Windows

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This article describes the options in PGP Desktop 9.x for Windows.



To understand options related to PGP Keys, Messaging, Disk, Shredding, and Hot Keys, please to refer the information below. All options described can be located by opening PGP Desktop, selecting Tools, and then selecting Options.



PGP Tray - Allows easy access to PGP Desktop features. You will find through the PGP Tray the ability to perform many tasks. This includes enabling/disabling PGP messaging, updating PGP Desktop, encryption/decryption with the current window and clipboard features, unmounting any PGP Virtual Disks, and stopping the PGP services.

My Passphrase - This feature allows you to save (cache) your passphrase for the current windows session, a period of time which you specify, or disable the caching of passphrase altogether.

PGP Software Updates - Allows you decide whether or not PGP Desktop automatically checks for updates. This also allows you to specify the frequency of update queries.



Synchronization - Allows you to select various options for synchronizing your keys with key servers. If you have a dedicated connection to the Internet, this option will ensure that your keys stay current. You may also add a key server other than the default with the Keyservers button.

Master Key List (version 9.0.x only; Version 9.5.x see Master Keys below) - Allows you to eliminate the need of specifying recipients each time you encrypt by simply dragging keys to the 'recipients' section of the Master Key List. You may also remove recipients if you no longer wish to have them on the Master Key List.

Backup - Allows you to backup to the default location or set your own backup location. It is recommended you backup to a different location occasionally to prevent loss of data and decryption keys.


Master Keys (Version 9.5 and above)

Use Master Key List - This feature allows you to create a list of public keys that will be used when encrypting, creating disks, or sharing files.



PGP Messaging Service - Allows you to decide whether or not you want all email accounts secured. Perhaps you would like to secure all your current accounts, but not a new account. If such is the case, uncheck Discover new accounts. Leave both options checked if you want all accounts (new and old) secured. Whenever you add a new email account, you will be asked for the key to secure the account if these options are enabled.

PGP Messaging Options - Allows you to set the method PGP handles email and Instant Messaging (AOL IM).

1. Email Proxy - You may set the email proxy to automatic or manual, and annotate messages you have received at different levels.
2. Instant Messaging - Allows you to change how PGP encrypted sessions of AOL IM appear to other AOL IM users. You may also override the default port in the Manual Proxy Options.


NetShare (Version 9.5 and above)

1. Folder Appearance - Allows you to add a PGP icon on files and folders encrypted with NetShare.
2. Advanced - Allows you to protect individual files that are not part of a protected folder.



These options apply to PGP Virtual Disks which are mounted and unmounted. You may select from the options available as to how you would like to handle unmounting PGP Virtual Disks.


Notifier (Version 9.5 and above)

1. Usage - Allows you to enable a PGP Notifier that will appear on your screen when using PGP functions. You can choose where you want the notifier to be displayed.

2. Messaging - Allows you to choose when you will get a notifier relating to email, such as when an outbound message is being processed, or if a recipients key cannot be found. The notifier can also be set to notify you when a PGP Encrypted Instant Message session begins.


Advanced (Version 9.5 and above)

1. FIPS - Allows you to enable FIPS140-2 integrity checks. This option is generally recommended for organizations that require FIPS certification.
2. Keyboard Hotkeys - Allows you to edit PGP Hotkeys.


Shredding (Version 9.0.x only)

Stringency - Allows you to decide the number of passes when shredding a file. A Three passes minimum is the standard, but you may select the number of passes. Be aware that larger files will take longer to shred. If you select a higher number of passes, the time will be extended significantly. If you are using version 9.5.x, this option is located on the Disk tab. Desktop - Allows you to set shred options for your Desktop.


Hot Keys (Version 9.0.x only)

Allows you to use preset Hotkeys for PGP Virtual Disk, current window encryption/decryption, or clipboard encryption/decryption. If you wish, you may remove the default Hotkeys and set your own. If you are using version 9.5.x, hotkeys are set in the Advanced options tab.


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