Enable debug level logs for PGP Desktop on Mac OS X

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This article describes how to activate the feature which allows you to enable / disable debug level logging in PGP Desktop 9.0.x.



To activate debug feature:


  1. Open a terminal shell window.
  2. Run the following two commands: 

    defaults write com.pgp.engine debugMenu 1
    defaults write com.pgp.engine debugLogging 1

  3. Restart the PGP services.
  4. Debug will be turned on at this point by default.

To enable/disable debug level logging:

You can either disable it in your PGP tray icon by clicking on your PGP tray, clicking Debug and (un)checking Enable Debug Logging or you can permanently disable the Debug feature by doing the following:


  1. Open a terminal shell window.
  2. Run the following two commands:

    defaults write com.pgp.engine debugMenu 0
    defaults write com.pgp.engine debugLogging 0

  3. Restart the PGP services.


The default log file location for PGP on Mac is: ~/Library/Logs/PGP

NOTE: The "~" symbole denotes the user's profile.  If the user's profile name is bob, then the log files will be in:


Tip: To navigate to the log files via Terminal, run the following command:

cd ~/Library/Logs/PGP

The names of the log files is in this convention: PGPEngine-mm-dd-yyyy.log



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