What happens to the PGP software after a license expires?

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This article details what happens to PGP software after a subscription or maintenance license expires.


A license is used within the PGP software to enable the functionality you purchased, and sets the expiration of the software. Depending on the license you have, some or all of the PGP Desktop family of applications will be active. Once you have entered the license, you must then authorize the software with PGP Corporation, either manually or online.

Licensing Concepts

  • Subscription License

    PGP subscription licenses enable specific PGP functionality for one year. The license entitles the user to use all of the PGP software functionality, obtain upgrades and receive technical support during this timeframe. After a license expires, certain functionality is disabled including the auto-update feature. Technical support for the software also expires until Software Maintenance for the product is renewed.

  • Perpetual License

    A PGP Perpetual License with Software Maintenance entitles you to use the PGP software indefinitely, plus receive all upgrades and updates during the maintenance period. The Software Maintenance is generally for one year.

    After the Software Maintenance expires for the software, the auto-update functionality is disabled and no further upgrades or Technical Support is available until the Software Maintenance is renewed. All product functionality remains enabled as the license of the software never expires.

PGP Universal Server 

PGP Universal Server enters learn mode once a subscription license expires. PGP Universal Server will decrypt emails if operating in a Gateway deployment or when processing mail. However, email passing through the PGP Universal Server will not be encrypted. Internal Users can still be created on the PGP Universal Server, but no email encryption will be performed for the users.

PGP Desktop configured installations will still be allowed to enroll and receive policy updates, however all functionality e.g., email encryption is disabled.

PGP Desktop

Whole Disk Encryption: You will receive warnings that your license has expired and any disks encrypted with PGP Whole Disk Encryption will automatically decrypt after 90 days.

PGP Virtual Disk: PGP Virtual Disks are still accessible in Read-Only mode. Read-Only will allow data to be copied out of a PGP Virtual Disk, however no data can be added to the PGP Virtual Disk.

PGP NetShare

PGP NetShare protected folders can be accessed however the protected files remain encrypted and when viewed will display cipher text. To view the encrypted files, manually decrypt the folders and files by using the PGP Tray icon.)

  • New PGP NetShare protected folders cannot be created.
  • Files moved into a protected folder are not encrypted.
  • Keys cannot be added or removed from PGP NetShare protected folders.

PGP Command Line

Subscription License

After a PGP Command Line subscription license expires, all functionality is immediately disabled. No Encryption/Signing or Decryption/Verifying is performed until a valid license number has been entered into the software.

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