DNS setup for PGP Universal Server

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This article details the steps to add the proper DNS records for the PGP Universal Server.



Properly configured DNS settings (including root servers and appropriate reverse lookup records) are required in all cases to support PGP Universal Server. Make sure both host and pointer records are correct. IP addresses must be resolvable to hostnames, as well as hostnames resolvable to IP addresses.

After planning the placement of the PGP Universal Server in your network, add the host and pointer records to your DNS Server for the PGP Universal Server.

This article will use Microsoft Windows DNS as an example in creating host and pointer records.

To add a PGP Universal Server record to a DNS Server zone

  1. Open the DNS applet from the Administrative Tools menu. (Start>All Programs>Administrative Tools)
  2. Expand the server and Forward Lookup Zones folder.
  3. Right click the appropriate zone and click New Host from the context menu.
  4. Enter the Name and IP address for the hostname of the PGP Universal Server.

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