Image Complexity Limitations for PGP BootGuard Customization

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This article details image limitations for customized PGP BootGuard screens.

Beginning with version 2.7 of the PGP Universal Server, administrators have the ability to customize the PGP BootGuard screen for PGP Whole Disk Encrypted systems. Customization options include adding text, enable audio cues, and creating custom background images for the PGP BootGuard login screen.



The custom background images must be created according to the following specifications:


  • XPM files only.
  • Image size of 640 by 480.
  • Palette of 15 colors only, including black (one color is reserved for fonts). You do not have to use all 15 colors in the image.
  • 8-bit RGB only (cannot be 16-bit RGB). You can verify you are using 8 bit by looking at the XPM file using an advanced text editor (such as Notepad+++, Gvim, or eMacs) : 8-bit values appear as #285A83 (one hex triplet), 16-bit values appear as #28285A5A8383 (two hex triplets).
  • A typical header will look like:

    /* XPM */
    static char * it logo_xpm[] = {
    "640 480 15 1",
    " c #3D331E",
    ". c #1E4D96",
    "+ c #EACE29",
    "@ c #CFD6E6",
    "# c #FCFEFA",
    "$ c #363835",
    "% c #4D4E4B",
    "& c #636562",
    "* c #767875",
    "= c #868885",
    "- c #969794",
    "; c #A6A8A5",
    "> c #B6B8B5",
    ", c #000000",
    "0 c #FFFFFF",
  • Notice the 640 480 15 1 at the top. This tells us that the image is 640x480 resolution and uses 15 colors (supported)
  • The compressed .xpm file must not exceed 32k. If you have trouble getting the filesize down this small. Try compressing the image with 7-zip (or gzip) and use a .xmp.gz file extension to compress it. 
Note: Graphics applications that support the XPM file format include Graphic Converter on Mac OS X, Blaze Image Converter on Windows, GIMP on Mac OS X/FreeBSD, and UNIX/Linux, and the Convert command on Linux.


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