PGP Mobile 9.8

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PGP Corporation announces the release of PGP Mobile 9.8


PGP Mobile provides flexible encryption to meet the data protection and sharing needs of a mobile enterprise. With PGP Mobile, entire data volumes, archives, directories, or individual files can be encrypted.

Ready for the mobile enterprise, PGP Mobile can be deployed over-the-air, leveraging PGP Universal Server's trusted key management and provisioning services to reduce administrator setup time. When needed, PGP Mobile encrypted data can easily be shared with Windows users, even those without encryption software.

PGP Mobile is a PGP Encryption Platform-enabled application. The PGP Encryption Platform provides a strategic enterprise encryption framework for shared user management, policy, and provisioning, automated across multiple, integrated encryption applications. As a PGP Encryption Platform-enabled application,PGP Mobile is managed with PGP Universal Server to manage existing policies, users, keys, and configurations, expediting deployment and policy enforcement.

Features included with PGP Mobile 9.8 are PGP Virtual Disk, PGP Zip, and PGP Shred.

PGP Virtual Disk

A PGP Virtual Disk is an area of space, in memory on your device or on an external storage card, which is set aside and encrypted. PGP Virtual Disks are much like a bank vault, and are very useful for protecting sensitive files while the rest of your device is unlocked for work.


PGP Zip allows you to encrypt an individual file, located on your device or on an external storage card. PGP Zip includes the option to either Encrypt & Sign, Encrypt, or Sign individual files.

PGP Shred

The PGP Shred feature works by overwriting your data with random text. It repeats this multiple times, or passes. PGP Mobile is set to overwrite data with three passes. This number exceeds the media sanitization requirements specified in the Department of Defense 5220.22-M standard. Note that PGP Shred does not delete Windows Mobile system files. This section provides information on how to securely shred a single file.

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