Enrollment does not continue on Mac

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During the PGP Desktop enrollment, when prompted to enter the passphrase for your key, the passphrase is not accepted and the PGP Enrollment Assistant stops and enrollment does not continue.

This issue occurs on PGP Desktop 9.9.0 clients when the user policy is configured to automatically encrypt the disk at enrollment.



To resolve this issue, you must delete the PGP preferences from the system and recreate the PGP stamp. 


  1. Open the terminal application and run the following commands:

    rm -f ~/Library/Preferences/com.pgp.*

    rm -f ~/Library/Caches/com.pgp.*

    rm -rf /Users/Shared/PGP* 

  2. From the terminal, type the following:

    defaults write com.pgp.pgp configurationString "ovid=keys.domain.com&mail=*&admin=1"                                                                                                                                                   

Note: Another method that works as opposed to step 2 is to use an echo method in a terminal:echo "ovid=hostname.example.com&mail=*&admin=1" > /Applications/PGP.app/Contents/Resources/policy.txt Replace the hostname.example.com with the FQDN of your PGP Universal Server After performing these steps, launch PGP Desktop and you will be prompted to enroll with the PGP Setup Assistant.

NOTE: If your disk not encrypted, it is recommended to delete the user from the Users list on PGP Universal Server. 


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