PGP Endpoint 4.3 SR1 Upgrade Guide

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This article details the steps to upgrade to PGP Endpoint 4.3 SR1.


PGP Recommendations:
  • Backup your database before performing the upgrade.
  • Never change a key pair during a PGP Endpoint upgrade where client hardening is enabled. If the key pair is changed, the upgrade will fail. Temporary offline permissions will also fail if the keypair is changed. Encrypted media of which the password was lost will no longer be recoverable.
  • To take advantage of the encrypted channel for client-server and intra-server communications (TLS), you must have a Certificate Authority(CA) certificate.
  • If you are installing the PGP Endpoint Client on a Windows Vista system with the UAC feature enabled, you must use setup.exe. If you use the Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs to install PGP Endpoint client, the operation will fail.
  • It is very important to upgrade the database first, then the PGP Endpoint Application Server(s), and finally the Management tools. Always upgrade server components before upgrading the clients.
  • A PGP Endpoint client upgrade requires a reboot, failing to reboot may cause system instability until the system is rebooted.

Upgrading Server Components

These steps apply to upgrading existing installations only, not a new installation.

  1. Log on to the computer where the PGP Administration Server component is installed.
  2. Close all programs running on the computer.
  3. Stop the PGP Endpoint Administration Server service at a command prompt:

    net stop sxs

  4. Backup the database.
  5. From the PGP Endpoint distribution root folder, use the corresponding directories to install the components in this order:

    a. Database (db)

    b. Server (sxs)

    c. PGP Endpoint Management Console (smc)

Caution: Do not use Keygen.exe when upgrading installations unless you intend to replace all keys in your installation environment.

It is not necessary to re-import the Standard File Definitions (SFD) when upgrading PGP Endpoint Application Control.

Upgrading PGP Endpoint Clients

Clients may be upgraded using the Deploy.exe tool located in the \bin\deploy folder or by using the setup.exe file in the \client folder.

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