Move a PGP Desktop for Mac client to a new PGP Universal Server

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This article details how to bind a PGP Desktop for Mac client to another PGP Universal Server.




To bind a client to a new PGP Universal Server, you must delete the PGP Preferences for the client and then update the PGP Stamp in the configuration string to move the client to the new server.
  1. Exit PGP Desktop and then quit the PGPengine service by opening Utilities > Activity Monitor.
  2. Remove the PGP Desktop preferences:

    Open the terminal application and run the following command:

    rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.pgp.*
  3. Update the client to the new server:

    defaults write com.pgp.pgp configurationString "*&admin=
Note: Another method that works as opposed to step 3 is to use an echo method in a terminal:
echo "*&admin=1" > /Applications/
Replace the with the FQDN of your PGP Universal Server

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