PGP Universal Server 2.9.1 - Resolved Issues

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This article details a list of resolved issues in PGP Universal Server 2.9.1.





  • Documentation about learn mode was improved. [18817]
  • XML library was upgraded to address potential Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. [16517]
  • SNMP IP-limiting logic now works correctly. [18018]
  • Apache Tomcat was upgraded to fix vulnerability. [18726, 19164]
  • Issue with localization for Verified Directory and Global Directory email notifications was fixed. [18750]

Keys and Certificates


  • Replication of certificate revocation events was improved. [19295]
  • Redundant replication of identical key material on PGP Desktop uploads were eliminated. [18247, 18628]
  • Maintenance of external use of PGP Desktop Satellite users' keys was improved. [17710]



  • Handling of importing mail policy chains with identical names to those of existing mail policy chains was improved. [19623]
  • Harmless sample data was removed from mail policy. [19635]
  • Proxying of SMTP error codes was improved. [19099]

PGP Universal Web Messenger


  • PGP Web Messenger encryption of small messages was improved. [16805]
  • Issues were fixed in cluster join process for servers that have no PGP Web Messenger services running. [16851]
  • Performance of PGP Web Messenger and key cleanup nightly activity was improved. [18731]
  • Security for PGP Web Messenger sign-up process was improved. [18782]
  • User lockout mechanism was improved to prevent PGP Web Messenger passphrase brute-force attacks. [19160]
  • Migration of PGP Web Messenger data to new version of PGP Universal Server was improved. [19753]
  • Issue with replication of PGP Web Messenger company logo was fixed. [19035]
  • Handling of attachments with non-ASCII characters in the filename in PGP Web Messenger was improved. [19056]

LDAP Directory Synchronization


  • Performance related to LDAP lookups was improved. [16981, 18609, 19537, 19713]
  • Advanced preference was added to control LDAP lookups of user information during nightly key maintenance. [19843]

PGP Whole Disk Encryption


  • Issue was fixed where turning off the PGP Whole Disk Encryption administrator key was not being reflected to the client. [18121]

PGP Desktop Administration


  • Handling of communication between older versions of PGP Desktop and newer versions of PGP Universal Server installations was improved. [19625]
  • Issue was fixed where configuring maximum client limits for HTTP connections would not properly record in the configuration file. [18631]

Performance and Scalability


  • PGP Universal Server is now supported on VMware ESXi with version 2.9. [18989]
  • Memory handling of nightly maintenance process was improved. [19885]
  • Memory handling under increased load was improved. [19204]
  • Check was added to prevent more than one instance of a long-lived background process from launching. [17582, 18301]



  • Changes and deletions to usernames and display names are now replicated correctly to cluster members. [17971, 17969]
  • Issue with logging of cluster events was fixed. [18599]
  • Replication of external user display name to cluster members was improved. [19455]
  • Replication of certified delivery receipts was improved. [17866]
  • Issue with replication of group membership data was fixed. [19000]
  • Replication of PGP Whole Disk Encryption audit data was improved. [19619]

PDF Messenger


  • Performance of PDF Messenger was improved. [16687]
  • Handling of large PDF files in PDF Messenger was improved. [18742]
  • Workflow for PDF Messenger interface was improved. [19653]
  • Handling of HTML-formatted messages from Lotus Notes in PDF Messenger was improved. [18309]

Internationalization Improvements


  • Japanese language support in PDF Messenger was improved. [18147]
  • German translations are improved. [19220]
  • Issue with handling of added subject headers with Japanese text from Mail policy was fixed. [18524]

Backups, Restoring Data, and Upgrades


  • Product updating was improved. [18879]

User Interface Improvements


  • Display of WDE status information in administration console was improved. [16141)
  • Mail page now displays AM and PM received times correctly for email messages. [17835]
  • Improvements to user interface. [17957, 18575]
  • In previous versions, the internal user UUID was used as identifying information in the certificate. Now the display name and email address is used as their identifying information (if an email message from the user has been received. [18413]

PGP Universal Server Administration


  • Logging and log messages are improved. [18101, 18125, 18428]
  • Availability of logging services was improved. [17569]
  • Administrators can now manually configure the network speed of their NICs. [12679]
  • Hidden option was added to enforce stronger passphrases for administrator accounts. [19162]
  • Hidden option was added to restrict auto-complete on administrator login page. [19163]
  • Functionality was added to allow ongoing control over network settings. [19103, 19140, 19170, 19187, 19208, 19287, 19291, 19335]


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