Clients fail to receive permissions after restoring the PGP Endpoint Database

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When restoring the PGP Endpoint sxs database to a new server, PGP Endpoint clients do not receive updated policies over the network or if using an offline policies package.

This article describes how to restore client-server communication after moving the PGP Endpoint sxs database. This applies to PGP Endpoint 4.3 and above.



When restoring a PGP Endpoint database or re-installing the database, you must follow the steps below to enable previously deployed PGP Endpoint clients to continue to receive policy.


  1. Stop the PGP Endpoint Application Server services.
  2. Execute the following sql query on the new SQL Server:

    use sx
    update server_id setsrvid = NEWID()

  3. Restart the PGP Endpoint Application Server services.


Note: All PGP Endpoint clients will receive a new complete policy package. Following the complete package update, clients will receive only differential policy updates.


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