PGP Whole Disk Encryption Work Group Edition - Enrollment

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This article details the enrollment process of the PGP Whole Disk Encryption Work Group Edition.


Enrollment is the binding of a computer with PGP Whole Disk Encryption Workgroup Edition client software installed to a PGP Whole Disk Encryption Controller. This enables the client to upload client logs and Whole Disk Recovery Tokens (WDRT) to the designated network share. WDRTs allow access to a drive that has been whole disk encrypted if the usual authentication method is unavailable (for example, if a user forgets their passphrase).

Clients are installed with an embedded policy, if you update a client policy setting on the PGP Whole Disk Encryption Controller, you must create a new client installer (.msi) file and re-install the client software on the client.

Note: When deploying an .MSI file with a policy update, PGP recommends configuring a different shared folder for the installations created with the new .MSI file as a best practice. Folders named after the client systems are automatically created in the shared folder at installation, which provides an easy method to determine which client systems have the updated policy, in case you get interrupted during the deployment.

After installing the PGP Whole Disk Encryption Workgroup Edition client and rebooting your system, your system restarts and displays the PGP Enrollment Assistant. The assistant walks you through the steps to enroll the client and begins the encryption of the disk.

To enroll a client

  1. On the PGP Enrollment Assistant screen, click Next.
  2. Select the User Type for the key. The following two options are available.
  • I am a new user.
  • I have used PGP before and I have existing keys.
  1. Click Next.
  2. Type and confirm a Passphrase for your key then click Next or select your key and type and confirm the passphrase.
  3. Click Next after the key generation completes.
  4. Click Finish to complete the assistant.
  5. Click Next to begin the PGP Whole Disk Encryption Assistant.
  • Single Sign-On: Type your Windows password and click OK.
  • Passphrase User: Type a Passphrase then press Tab to confirm the passphrase for the user then click next.
The PGP Tray icon displays a notification that disk encryption has started and the icon appears with a spinning disk during encryption.

  1. Click Next then Finish to complete the assistant.
You can view the progress of the PGP Whole Disk Encryption by opening PGP Desktop then select the PGP Disk Control box and click Encrypt Whole Disk or Partition. The encryption progress is displays the amount encrypted and the remaining time.

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