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This article details the new PGP Viewer feature available in PGP Desktop 10.0.


PGP Viewer allows you to decrypt email messages, encrypted files, email attachments, and copy decrypted content to your email client's inbox. The PGP Viewer in PGP Desktop 10 allows you to drag-and-drop files and email messages to the PGP Desktop interface to decrypt the file. After you drag-and-drop the file to the PGP Viewer, you are prompted for your passphrase to decrypt the file/email message. If your passphrase is cached the file is automatically decrypted.

The PGP Viewer also allows you to create an encrypted copy of an email message to your email clients inbox.

To access PGP Viewer

  1. Open PGP Desktop.
  2. Click the PGP Viewer Control box.
  3. Drag-and-drop a file/email message to the PGP Viewer window.
  4. Enter your passphrase if prompted.
Note: You can also browse for files to open and decrypt by clicking Open File in PGP Viewer in the PGP Viewer Control box.

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