Install PGP Mobile 9.10

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This article details the steps to install PGP Mobile. PGP Mobile enables enterprises to extend market-leading PGP® encryption security solutions for laptops and desktops to Windows Mobile devices, allowing users to encrypt emails, files, and entire storage volumes.


Installation Instructions

The following instructions describe how to install PGP Mobile on your mobile device.

To install PGP Mobile

  1. 1. The PGP Mobile installation file is a Microsoft Windows .cab file. The PGP Mobile configuration file is a .dat file. Both of these files can be transferred to your device using any of the following methods:
  • Desktop synchronization
  • Beaming (Bluetooth, infrared)
  • Storage card transfer
  • Email
  • Web download
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) push
Note: While it is not necessary, PGP Corporation recommends that both files be placed in the same location on your device.

  1. Once the installation and configuration files are on your device, start the installation by selecting the installation file (.cab).

  2. When prompted, review and accept the end-user license agreement.

  3. If prompted to do so, restart your device.

  4. The PGP Mobile files are installed on your device. When completed, select OK to clear the message.

  5. Launch PGP Mobile. To do this, select Start > Programs, and then select PGP Mobile.

  6. To enroll, enter your network login user name and password and select OK.

  7. Once the enrollment has completed, a message is displayed informing you your key has been downloaded to your mobile device. Select OK to clear the message.
PGP Mobile has been installed, you have been enrolled with your PGP Universal Server, and you can now use PGP Mobile on your mobile device.

To install on devices without File Explorer

  1. In ActiveSync, copy the files (.cab and .dat) to the \Windows\Start Menu folder.

  2. To launch the installation file, on your mobile device select Start, locate the file (named PGPMobile*.cab), and select it. The installation program launches.

  3. View and accept the license agreement and then continue to follow the previous procedure.

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