PGP Mobile Configuration File

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This article describes the PGP Mobile configuration file.



This article details the usage and how to create the configuration file for PGP Mobile.

In order to enroll, users will use their LDAP credentials and connect to the PGP Universal Server in your organization. During enrollment, the user's GKM or SKM key is downloaded to the mobile device. The configuration file, named PGPConfigure.dat, is used during the installation of PGP Mobile to specify the location of the PGP Universal Server.


Note: This file must be located on the device before the user installs PGP Mobile. It does not matter where the file is located, although it may be easier to place it in the same location as the installation .cab file.

Create the configuration .dat file


  1. Open a text editor such as Notepad or Wordpad.
  2. Create a new text file.
  3. Type the following single line using your PGP Universal Server name:


    For example, if your PGP Universal Server is named, the line in the .dat file would be

  4. Save the file as a text file with the name PGPConfigure.dat.
  5. Distribute the file to your users when you distribute the installation (.cab) file.

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