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This article details preferences on the PGP Universal Server which apply to PGP Mobile clients. These preferences on your PGP Universal Server apply only to PGP Mobile.



Messaging preferences for your PGP Mobile users are automatically downloaded during installation and updated periodically thereafter. If you add a messaging preference or change an existing preference after PGP Mobile is installed on a mobile device, the new settings will automatically be downloaded during the next update.  

  • policyDownloadinterval (integer)  - The default value is 10080 minutes (one week, 168 hours). This preference controls when policy is automatically downloaded to the mobile device from the PGP Universal Server. The value is set in minutes. If the mobile device is suspended, that time does not count towards reaching the timeout value.

  • policyWakeupFrequency (integer) - The default value is 56 times. This preference controls how many times PGP Mobile will wake up to see if a policy download is needed while the device is suspended (when a device is suspended, the timer for policy download is also suspended).

  • policyDownloadGracePeriod (integer) - The default value is 43200 minutes (30 days, 720 hours). This preference controls the length of time for which downloaded policy will be applied to outgoing messages. Before applying policy, PGP Mobile will check to see if the current policy is valid. If it is valid, the policy will be applied; if it has expired (the grace period is over), the policy will not be applied and outgoing messages will be blocked.

  • expiredPolicyActionBlock (Boolean) - The default value is False. This preference controls how PGP Mobile handles expired policies. When set to False, the default, messages will use expired policies. When set to True, messages will not use expired policies; instead, messages will be blocked.

  • policyDownloadRetryInterval (integer) - The default value is 1440 minutes (one day, 24 hours). This preference controls how long PGP Mobile will wait before attempting again to download policies if a download was missed because a connection to the PGP Universal Server was not available.

  • mailKeyCacheSize (integer) - The default value is 50 keys. This preference controls the number of keys PGP Mobile will cache (key caching speeds up performance).

  • enablePolicyDownload (Boolean) - The default value is True. This preference controls policy download. When set to True, the default, policy downloads are initiated automatically per the setting of policyDownloadInterval. If set to False, automatic policy downloads do not occur. To reestablish automatic policy downloads if this value has been set to False, the value in the preferences must be reset to True and the user must be re-enrolled from the mobile device.

  • mailKeyCacheTime (integer) - The default value is 20160 minutes (two weeks, 336 hours). This preference controls how long a key will stay cached on the mobile device for encoding outgoing messages. When the timeout is reached, PGP Mobile will look up the key on the PGP Universal Server and cached it again.

  • mailBounceOnUnsupported (Boolean) - The default value is False. This preference controls how PGP Mobile handles unsupported policy rules. When set to False, the default, PGP Mobile will ignore unsupported policy rules and instead use the default policy. When set to True, PGP Mobile will not send messages to which unsupported policy rules apply.

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