Change the Passphrase for PGP Portable Disk (Mac)

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This article details how to change a passphrase for a PGP Portable disk on a Mac OS X system.



PGP Portable allows you to distribute encrypted files to users who do not have PGP Desktop software. This article describes how to open and access data encrypted with PGP Portable on a Mac OS X system.

There may be times when it is necessary to change the passphrase associated with a PGP Portable Disk. However, you cannot change the passphrase on any PGP Portable Disk that is read-only (including PGP Portable Disks burned to CD/DVD media).


  1. Insert the removable device on which the PGP Portable Disk is located. This can be a CD/DVD or a flash or removable drive.
  2. Open the mounted removable device and browse for the PGP Portable application (PGP Portable). The application is in the MacOS folder within the PGP folder. Double-click the application, and enter the passphrase for the PGP Portable Disk when prompted. When the correct passphrase has been entered, the PGP Portable Disk is mounted.
  3. Open PGP Portable by clicking the icon in the dock then click Change Passphrase.
  4. Enter the current passphrase, Enter and confirm the new passphrase, and click Change.

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