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When PGP Desktop 10 is proxying Lotus Notes email traffic, one of the following Lotus Notes error messages might occur when a new memo is sent:

Operation stopped at your request: mail.box

Operation stopped by user: mail.box

If enabled, the PGP Desktop Messaging balloon might also appear and say: Error encountered when processing message… See PGP Desktop messaging log for details. After clicking OK on the Lotus Notes error message, the memo then stays open on the screen and is not sent.


In order for PGP Desktop to proxy Email, a PGP entry will be added to the notes.ini file in the user profile when PGP Desktop is installed. In some instances, the PGP entries in the notes.ini are not added to the correct notes.ini. This may occur if PGP modifies the wrong notes.ini file or is unable to find the notes.ini file. This may occur when the notes.ini file may located on a network drive.

Confirm the following has been added to the notes.ini file. If the entry does not exist, add the entry to the notes.ini file.

Note: By default, the notes.ini file is located in the C:\Program Files\lotus\notes directory.

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