Operations error -10950 Please contact your security administrator: PGP Desktop 10

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During client enrollment with the PGP Universal Server, you receive the following error:

Operations error, error -10950 Please contact your security administrator)



This issue can occur when using Directory Synchronization with Active Directory for client enrollment, the domain controller does not allow anonymous connections and the PGP Universal Server is configured without an account for the Bind DN. If the Active Directory (AD) LDAP server requires an account with read access when the connecting to the domain AD server, you must specify a Bind DN in the Directory Synchronization on the PGP Universal Server.



 This error is resolved by entering an account for the Bind DN which as read access to the Active Directory LDAP server. For more information on the syntax used for the Bind DN, see the following articles:

HOW TO: Obtain correct syntax for Base DN, Bind DN or Attributes with LDAP for Directory Synchronization

Using the User Principal Name for Directory Synchronization

To configure the Bind DN for Directory Synchronization


  1. Login to the PGP Universal Server administrative interface.
  2. Click the Policy card then select Internal User Policy.
  3. Click the Directory Synchronization button.
  4. Type an account in the Bind DN for authentication with the Active Directory server.

    Note: You can test your Hostname, Base DN, and Bind DN connection settings by clicking the Test Connection button.

  5. Click Save to update the settings.

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