PGP Desktop 10.0 does not open after Upgrading with PGP Portable Installed

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After upgrading to PGP Desktop 10.0 in a managed environment, a PGP installer configuration dialog is displayed and PGP Desktop does not open.



This issue occurs on systems with PGP Desktop 9.9.1 and later with PGP Portable 9.10 installed. PGP Portable 9.10 was a separate installation file which added the PGP Portable functionality to PGP Desktop. In PGP Desktop 10.x, PGP Portable is included with the PGP Desktop installation file and is enabled by the license.

As PGP Desktop 10.0 includes the PGP Portable functionality, after upgrading to version 10.0, PGP Portable will appear twice in the PGP Desktop menu. This is due to PGP Portable 9.10 being a separate installer and not being removed during the upgrade to PGP Desktop 10.0.

When two installations of PGP Portable are found on the system, the PGP installer configuration dialog is then initiated and causes PGP Desktop 10.0 to not open.


To resolve this issue, uninstall PGP Desktop 10.0 and PGP Portable from Start > All Programs > PGP or from the Control Panel. Then reinstall PGP Desktop 10.0.

To avoid this issue on future installations of PGP Desktop 10.0, uninstall PGP Portable prior to upgrading to PGP Desktop 10.0. In versions of PGP Desktop 10.0.1 and above, you will be prompted to uninstall PGP Portable 9.10 if it is detected during installation.

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