Whole Disk Recovery Token Remediation Tool

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The PGP Verify WDRT tool allows administrators to verify the device status of a Whole Disk Recovery Token (WDRT) on the client system. This includes determining if the WDRT is valid and can be used to authenticate the user's device and also sending the results to the Client logs of PGP Universal Server.



The PGP Verify WDRT tool is an executable file that is run on the client system.

Optionally, the PGP Verify WDRT tool can delay execution for a random amount of time and generate a new WDRT if the WDRT is determined to be invalid.

To obtain the PGP Verify WDRT tool, submit a support request with Technical Support.



  1. Download the PGPVerifyWDRT.exe utility.
  2. Deploy or run the PGPVerifyWDRT.exe on the client system.

If you want a new WDRT to be generated when a WDRT is determined to be invalid, you can add the --generate or --g option to the command line.

For example

PGPVerifyWDRT.exe --generate

An additional option --backoff N allows you to wait an amount of time before executing the PGPVerifyWDRT command. Where N is the maximum number of seconds PGP Verify WDRT will wait to execute.

The purpose of the --backoff N option is to avoid overloading PGP Universal Server with large numbers of simultaneous client requests.


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