PGP Universal Server Installation Options

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This article describes the installation options available with PGP Universal Server 3.x.


The PGP Universal Server installation provides a variety of installation options, depending on the special needs of your installation. These enable different options for partitions, driver installation, and network configuration.

Press F2 on the initial installation screen to access the alternate installation options.

The following installation options are available:


  • customnet. The default option: it clears the disk partitions and creates default partitions, then prompts for network configuration information. 
  • pgp. Clears the disk partitions and makes default partitions. Assigns IP address 
  • standard. Clears disk partitions, but does not make default partitions. Prompts for network configuration information. 
  • expert. Clears disk partitions and will allow you to create the default partition layout or use free space and create the default layout. Allows partitioning of removable media. Prompts for network configuration information.
  • noautopart. Clears disk partitions, but does not make default partitions. Notice: This assigns  the default IP address
  • memtest86. Does not perform the installation, but runs memtest86+ to test the RAM of the system. This test is recommended if you are installing on new hardware that has not been used previously.
Caution: Some of these options may make it more complicated to connect and continue the configuration using a web browser. PGP Corporation strongly recommends that you consult your PGP Technical Support representative before you attempt to use an alternate installation procedure.


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