Configure RSA SecurID Authentication

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This article details how to configure PGP Universal Server to use RSA SecurID Authentication.



This article details the steps to configure the RSA SecurID Authentication feature on the PGP Universal Server. This feature is available on PGP Universal Server 3.x.

To use RSA SecurID authentication, one or more RSA Authentication Manager servers must be configured prior to configuring SecurID on the PGP Universal Server.


  • The PGP Universal Server IP address must be added as an agent to each RSA Authentication server.
  • The RSA server configuration file (sdconf.rec) must be exported from the RSA server or cluster, and placed where it can be uploaded to the PGP Universal Server.

To enable SecurID Authentication


  1. Log in to the PGP Universal Server admin interface.
  2. Click System > Administrators then select the SecurID Authentication button.
  3. Click Upload. The Upload Configuration File dialog is displayed.
  4. Click Browse to the location of the sdconf.rec file.
  5. Click Upload to upload the file. An alert appears indicating that the server is restarting.
  6. When the server has restarted, log in and return to the Systems > Administrators page.
  7. Click SecurID Authentication.
  8. To enable SecurID Authentication, click Enable.

To verify connectivity with the RSA Authentication server

You can test the connection to ensure that the PGP Universal Server can successfully contact the RSA Authentication Manager servers present in the RSA configuration file.

SecurID does not need to be enabled on the PGP Universal Server, but you must have successfully uploaded the sdconf.rec file and restarted the server. It is recommended that you test the connection before you enable SecurID authentication.


  1. On the System > Administrators page, click SecurID Authentication.
  2. Click Test Connection. A message appears indicating whether this was successful or it failed.


Note: The Test Connection function tests to ensure that at least one RSA server is reachable. It cannot be used to test an individual user ID.


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