Configuring PGP Universal Server in Internal Placement

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This article details the internal placement functionality of the PGP Universal Server. The placement of the PGP Universal Server is configured during the Setup Assistant after the initial installation of the server.



A PGP Universal Server in Internal Placement is located between your email users and their local mail server in the logical flow of data.

When the Setup Assistant configures a PGP Universal Server in an internal placement (between your email users and their local mail server), it configures the server with a POP proxy and an IMAP proxy to process email messages the local email users are retrieving and an Outbound SMTP proxy for messages the local email users are sending.

Because an internal placement sits in the logical flow between the mail server and users, customers wanting to use this with Microsoft Exchange cannot use an internal placement configuration. This is due to PGP Universal server not being able to proxy the Microsoft Exchange protocol.

The messages are secured based on the applicable policies when they are sent to the mail server using SMTP; they are decrypted and verified when they are retrieved from the mail server using POP or IMAP.

The POP/IMAP proxy listens for incoming mail traffic on ports 110 and 143, respectively, on a virtual interface configured on the PGP Universal Server; this interface/port combination is called the local connector.

The connection between the user trying to retrieve their email and the local connector can optionally be secured and/or restricted by the connecting IP address, if desired. At least one local connector is required for a mail proxy; however, you can have as many as you want, as long as they use different interface/port combinations.

The POP/IMAP proxy also has a proxy peer device to which the PGP Universal Server sends the email traffic after it has processed it. The proxy peer for the POP/IMAP proxy is the mail server from which the email users are retrieving their email messages.


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