PGP Universal Server Rejects Email with Large Attachments

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Email messages with an attachment are rejected by the PGP Universal Server.



This can occur if the attachment or email message exceed the attachment limitation of the PGP Universal Server or Web Messenger or the quota for the users Web Messenger account is exceeded. The default size limit for a Web Messenger account is 2 MB.

An additional reason could be the size limitation of attachments on a mail server or mail scanner.

The PGP Universal Server has the following message size limitations:


  • Email messages sent to external users - 100MB.
  • Email messages sent to Web Messenger recipients - 50MB.
  • A limit of approximately 15MB per uploaded attachment (after encoding) in email replies created in PGP Universal Web Messenger.
  • 20MB limit to the total encoded message size of email sent to PGP Universal Web Messenger users.

Note: Web Messenger users cannot send or receive any message that would put them over their message storage Quota or exceed 50MB.

The attachment size of 20MBs is a hard-coded limit.  The total message size is a maximum of 50MB.  The 20MB size limit is after Base 64 (multi-part mime)encoding has been performed on the attachment.  This means that a file of 10MBs, after Base 64 encoding could actually be close to the 20MB limit. 

To check the quota for a Web Messenger user


  1. Log in to the PGP Universal Server admin interface.
  2. Click Consumers > Users. The All Users screen is displayed.
  3. Click External Users and select the desired user.
  4. On the user properties, check the Quota for the user and adjust if needed.

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