Set Group Policy Order

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This article describes how to set the policy order for PGP Universal Server Groups. Groups are a new feature in PGP Universal Server 3.0 which allow administrators to group users and devices.



Because consumers can belong to more than one group, you can set the priority order of the list of groups that reference consumer policy. Consumers receive policy based on the highest ranking group to which the consumer belongs. The Everyone group is always last in priority and the Excluded group is always first.


Setting Policy Group Order

Use the numbers in the order drop-down menus to reorder the groups. This function is only available if you have at least one custom group.

To set the policy group order


  1. Select a number from the drop-down menu for each group. The number indicates the order in which you want group policies applied.

    Groups reorder based on your number selections.

  2. Continue selecting numbers until the groups are in the correct policy priority order.

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