Configuring Web Messenger Options - PGP Universal Server 3.x

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This article details the configuration options for PGP Web Messenger accounts. PGP Universal Web Messenger allows recipients to use a secure Web browser-based email solution. The PGP Universal Server stores both mail received and mail sent by PGP Universal Web Messenger users.

This is available only if PGP Universal Server is in the mailstream.



Administrators have the ability to configure Security, Account, and Message options for PGP Universal Web Messenger users. This includes options such as storage quota, passphrase recovery, account lockout, and encrypting stored messages.

The PGP Universal Web Messenger options are configured on the Services > Web Messenger page. Then select Options and click the Edit button. After configuring options, click Save


  • Encrypt stored messages to Ignition Keys - Encrypts all stored PGP Universal Web Messenger messages to your Ignition Key(s). This option is not available if you have not created any Ignition Keys.
  • Allow users to reset their passphrase by email - This allows external users the ability to reset their PGP Universal Web Messenger passphrases by email. This option creates a link on the PGP Web Messenger Login page.


  • Inactivity Expiration - Allows you to specify how long a PGP Universal Web Messenger account can be inactive before it expires and is deleted.

    Caution: When the account inactivity time-out is reached, the account is deleted including any keys, email, or settings associated with the account.

  • Storage Quota - Type the desired per-user storage quota for PGP Universal Web Messenger user accounts in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB).
  • Maximum Login Attempts - Select how many times the user can attempt to log in before being shut out of the system. The default is to allow unlimited login attempts. When locked out, they see an error message in PGP Universal Web Messenger and receive an email notification.

    The email message provides a URL to allow the user to log back in again. This ensures that only the correct recipient of a message can log back in after multiple failed login attempts.


If the PGP Universal Server is a member of a cluster, the Message Replication settings let you configure whether and how Web Messenger data (user account information and message) are replicated to other cluster members. 

  • Message Replication - Replicate messages to all, certain servers in the cluster, or set file replication to off.
  • Message Expiration - Allows you to select when you want user messages to expire, from 1 day to 5 years, or never. When a message expires, it is deleted from the users account.
  • Delivery Receipt Expiration - Configures when you want Certified Delivery receipts to expire and be deleted, from 1 day to 5 years, or never.

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