Resolved Issues - PGP Endpoint 4.4 SR5

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This article describes the resolved issues in PGP Endpoint 4.4 SR5.



The PGP Endpoint 4.4 SR5 release resolves the following issues: 

  • When encrypting devices, the Retain Data option is now available to users who do not have read access to unencrypted devices.
  • When an application is blocked from a Novell mapped drive, the file detail information is now properly displayed in the Unauthorized Application Detected dialog.
  • Instances of some SD card readers causing the user to be prompted to encrypt the device although no card was present have been resolved.
  • To save a scheduled report for export a destination path must be specified.
  • Setting the permissions for wireless devices will no longer display incorrect CD/DVD permissions on the endpoint. The CD/DVD permissions are now displayed correctly on the endpoint.
  • Instances where disconnecting a CD Recorder during the burn process could result in a system crash have been resolved.
  • When shadowing during write operations, the log event user is now properly recorded as the logged in user instead of SYSTEM.
  • Log Explorer queries with multiple machine and user exclusions will no longer cause an excessive load on the SQL Server.
  • Log Explorer query speed has been significantly improved for large installations using machine criteria.
  • Conflicts with the Aladdin Secret Disk authentication token have been resolved.
  • The Symbol® MC70 (Motorola® MC70) Wireless Barcode Scanner is properly recognized and managed.
  • Compatibility between the Secure Volume Browser and various shell extensions has been improved.
  • Secure Volume Browser will recognize all files, including files with the same name but different extensions, when the Hide extensions for Known File Types option is selected within Windows Explorer.
  • When opening a file from an encrypted device with the Secure Volume Browser a message will display reminding the user that the file has been opened as read-only.
  • System crashes, which may have occurred when copying data to an encrypted Trek Thumbdrive Mini (TDMINIG4) USB device on Windows 2000 endpoints have been resolved.
  • The Google Chrome browser is now compatible with PGP Endpoint 4.4 SR4 on 64-bit Windows XP in Sandbox mode.
  • Instances of some reports exporting incorrect data when the original report had blank columns have been resolved.
  • False keylogger alerts have been minimized by allowing the keyboard to move to any internal USB port without triggering an alert.
  • Instances of a deadlock occurring and causing the system to hang during login, when using Windows XP and PGP Endpoint 4.4 SR3, have been resolved.

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