PGP Universal Server 3.0.2 - Resolved Issues

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This article details a list of resolved issues in PGP Universal Server 3.0.2.




  • Implemented message templates that can be used to customize PGP Universal Web Messenger and Verified Directory emails sent out automatically by PGP Universal Server, to ensure that these emails are not filtered as SPAM. [28162]
  • Addressed an issue where outbound mail queued on PGP Universal Server when the PGP Global Directory server was unavailable. [28164]
  • Addressed an issue where the pgpproxyd process consumed large amounts of CPU and hung when attempting to handle a high volume of email traffic. [28166]
  • PGP Universal Server Management Console now properly displays the users primary email address and not an alias. [26482]
  • Clients can now successfully enroll in policies where SKM is the only allowed key mode. [28183]
  • Addressed an issue where clustering connections were dropped when differences were detected in the database schema after a migration. [27756, 28048]
  • Added support for an advanced preference that allows administrators to configure the maximum age for a cluster join file. The new preference is join-data-max-age and the numeric value is in minutes. The default age for a cluster join file has also been raised from 10 to 720 minutes. [28081]
  • Addressed an issue where P7S signatures were unintentionally processed on an unprotected email message by pgpproxyd, resulting in errors. [28184]
  • Created a set of scripts to perform cluster joins to PGP Universal Servers when the database is very large and the normal join mechanism would be too slow. The scripts are in the /usr/share/ovid/pgprep directory and are called and  [28082]
  • Addressed an issue where pgpprepctl joinfix sometimes deleted records for pending joiners to the cluster. [26268]
  • Added interoperability support for certain S/MIME signing applications that previously caused a "key algorithm unknown" error in PGP Universal Server. [28035]
  • Addressed an issue where migration scripts were not automatically executed after completing migration leading to a missing parameter in /etc/ovid/prefs.xml. [28361]
  • Addressed an issue where migration scripts were not executed after updating PGP Universal Server to version 3.0. [28352]


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