Dell Client Manager 3.1 Dell Warranty Extractor Task fails to execute

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The Dell Warranty Extractor Task in Dell Client Manager 3.1 (Jobs and Tasks > Dell Utilities) reports a "Failed" status when it is executed.


The Dell database on Dell's web site was changed where the Altiris Dell Client Manager task points to. This resulted in the Dell Warranty Extractor task failing.


Install an updated MetaData.xml file directly from Dell to resolve this issue:

  1. On the Symantec Management Platform 7 (SMP) server, run Symantec Installation Manager (SIM) by clicking on the Windows Start button > All Programs > Altiris > Symantec Installation Manager > Symantec Installation Manager.
  2. Scroll through the "Installed products" list, looking for "Dell Common Update 7.0.11". If this is not present, follow these sub-steps next:

    a. Click on "Install new products".
    b. Change the Filter: Suites button to be "Filter: None".
    c. Click to select "Dell Common Update -- Hotfix -- 7.0.11" Note: If Symantec Management Platform 7.0 SP5 or higher is installed, Dell Client Manager (DCM) updates, such as this one, will not be able to be installed. DCM was not designed to work with any SMP version higher than SP4. There is no current workaround for this limitation.
    d. Click on the Next button.
    e. Follow the installation instructions until they complete.
  3. Using Internet Explorer, navigate to the following URL:
  4. Click on the link "DMC 1.1.1 Warranty Report Fix 7/21/2010" to download the file "". Note: While this file is for Dell Managment Console, which is the server-version of DCM, the hotfix can still be used to correct the warranty extractor issue in DCM.
  5. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the <Altiris_installation_drive>:\Program Files\Altiris\DMCServerTasks\Web\MetaFile folder.
  6. Rename the "MetaData.xml" file to "MetaData.old".
  7. Extract the new "MetaData.xml" file from the "" file, downloaded from step 4, to the \MetaFile folder, from step 5.
  8. Restart IIS by clicking on the Windows Start button > Run, then type "iisreset" and click on the OK button.
  9. If the above metadata.xml does not resolve the issue, then repeat steps 5 to 8 using the attached metadata.xml

Note: The Dell Client Manager 3.1 does not work with the current version of the Symantec Management Platform (SP5 and above). Instead, consider installing the new version of Dell Client Manager, which is Dell Client Solution 3.2. This version is also not affected by the issue described in this article.


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