Symantec Endpoint Protection for Macintosh Auto-Protect error Code 6 on startup

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When booting up or restarting your Macintosh with Symantec Endpoint Protection for Macintosh installed you are presented with a dialog with the following text:

"Symantec AntiVirus could not load the scan engine. Please run LiveUpdate to get the latest version (Code 6)"

Running LiveUpdate fails or does not yield any positive results.



This could be due to: extracting the installation package zip using a utility other than the Archive Utility; an issue with the definitions themselves; or an issue with Stuffit Deluxe 12 from Smith Micro.

SEP for Macintosh versions before 12.1.2 (12.1 RU2) will display this error if system volume is using HFS Extended case-sensitive format.



  1. The Symantec Endpoint Protection installation package, Symantec Endpoint Protection.mpkg, must be extracted from its Symantec Endpoint archive via the built in OS X Archive Utility or the ditto command (if working in the Terminal). Using another utility or unzipping the package on another platform (e.g. Windows) can result in incorrect file permissions on the mpkg file. You will want to remove SEP for Mac, bring the original .zip file to the Macintosh, expand the .mpkg file using Archive Utility or ditto, then reinstall.
  2. Default virus definition engine files are not compatible with HFS Extended, case-sensitive formatted volumes.  This is expected behavior.
    Note: installation onto case-sensitive formatted volumes is supported starting with Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 RU2 (12.1.2).

  3. Downloading and installing the Intelligent Updater for Macintosh computers may also resolve this issue. It can be obtained via the Security Response website.
  4. If the issue persists and you have Stuffit Deluxe 12 installed, ensure that the version of this product is at least 12.0.2. You may also wish to update Stuffit Expander. For updates to Stuffit Deluxe or Stuffit Expander, please contact Smith Micro.

Technical Information:

Removing Symantec programs for Macintosh by using the RemoveSymantecMacFiles removal utility

The Symantec Endpoint file is either the result of being exported from the SEPM (managed) or from the SEP_MAC folder from the downloaded installation media (unmanaged).


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