Why USB keyboards may not work after installing EP Hard Disk

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Why USB keyboards may not work after installing EP Hard Disk


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After installing EP Hard Disk users with USB keyboards have reported that the keyboard doesn't work during the pre-boot EP Hard Disk logon. If the user connects a PS2 keyboard to the same PC, the keyboard works, or if the keyboard is used on the computer when it is not encrypted.

Solution Details:
If the computer is a laptop try rebooting the computer when the machine is not in a docking station. If it works properly when not docked recreate the docking profile.

If the docking station is not an issue or it is a desktop machine try rebooting the computer and opening the BIOS by hitting the correct function key during the boot up process. This test will determine if the BIOS is allowing the keyboard to function or not.

EPHD is dependent upon the BIOS allowing the keyboard to function during the EPHD login. Not all BIOS support USB keyboards at boot time.

There are BIOS that support USB keyboards at boot time only if the appropriate option is checked in the BIOS Setup. See: http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/archive/usbcompat.mspx

If the BIOS is the issue make sure the USB functionality is enabled or upgrade to a newer BIOS version.

If the keyboard can boot to the BIOS before loading our drivers then we know the BIOS is not the issue.... and you should contact our Technical Support team.

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