Compatibility of Encryption Plus Hard Disk and Microsoft's EFS

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Compatibility of Encryption Plus Hard Disk and Microsoft's EFS


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This article describes the results of compatibility tests done using EP Hard Disk to perform hard disk sector encryption and EFS to do file/folder encryption, and the recommended use to enable compatibility.

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When a hard disk has no folders encrypted by EFS, the hard disk can be encrypted with EP Hard Disk. After the hard disk encryption, the user may encrypt files using EFS. However, there are conditions that must be understood.

If a user has encrypted file(s) or folders using EFS as described above, and then decrypts the hard disk using EPHD, the user will lose all data encrypted with EFS. The user must first decrypt the files/folders using EFS, then decrypt the hard disk using EPHD.

So, the sequence of encryption and decryption is important. GuardianEdge Technologies Inc recommends that the hard disk sector encryption be done first using EP Hard Disk, then the user can encrypt files/folders using EFS.

There is another known issue that can occur if EPHD is installed on a computer where files/folders are encrypted with EFS.

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